Trusting the Seeds of Creativity and Compassion

You must give birth to your images, they are the future waiting to be born.
— Rainer Maria Rilke

The art is the witness. Music and especially songwriting has been the way for me to open my heart spiritually.  Songwriting was the life preserver thrown out to me as a young self-conscious child floundering in the ocean we call life.  Using art and music for social change with kids, with adults and with survivors, we must be mindful of what seeds we are watering them and in ourselves. The songs we write are our seedlings and will show you just how worthy you are to be alive on this planet, how you can overcome bad experiences and how you can turn those experiences into songs (the song as impetus for your own remarkable and unique voice)  that can be used as a means for social change.

Once you've got your seeds the next step is to sow them.

More Questions and Thoughts: 

Ask yourself,  what do you want to achieve before you die?

What does the universe want from me?

The best way I can serve the world and myself in it, is to live a life beyond the expected.  Our happy states are quite often not when we are learning. We all go through dark times.  But it is there in that dark night of the soul where you are being entreated to move to a deeper level…go out and harvest your human potential.  Go with the symptoms don’t try to escape.  Live each day with meaning…be gentle with yourself; it’s challenging to abandon a life of lackluster passivity when we are more comfortable there….There is a new kind of knowing.  Jean Houston, co-founder of The Foundation of for Mind Research and The Human Potential Movement,  thinks we are being prepared by the dark night to come into a higher emergence…    Awakening and quenching the God Seed being born in you…

Tapping into your creativity, can save you.  In the words of the great sculptor Louise Bourgeois, Art Is A Guarantee of Sanity.  I myself say, and this from experience, Art Is A Guarantee of Sanity but you must use the art within you otherwise it will bite you in the ass and you will never know who you really are or who you were meant to be.