Fundraising Event Manager:
Planner of Fun, Gatherer of Funds                                         

We are looking for an individual to organize and manage Songbird Sings' next fundraiser in Boston in 2017. Work can be done off-site.

Fearless:  a communicator at heart, able to reach out to movers and shakers

Passionate: driven to raise awareness of the good our programs have on survivors of trauma

Organized: you are able to organize information and people, coordinating to keep the event moving forward smoothly

Project will include:

  • Coordinating advertising and marketing for the fundraiser
  • Help to find relevant media opportunities concerning the fundraiser
  • Conceptualizing marketing campaigns and programs to boost awareness about the fundraiser
  •  Coordinating with our team to engage community and volunteers, capture new interest
  • Help plan the fun details!

If interested, send an email to

Summer Intern                                                   

Intern Responsibilities:

Intern will work to develop and implement fundraising campaigns, assist and grow our online presence.

Intern will be responsible for creative collaboration, organizing information, and communicating with members of our team, potential funders and partners.

Work can be done off-site.

Required Intern Qualifications

Fearless:  we are looking for a communicator at heart, someone who would love to further our mission by connecting with other people.

Passionate: we want someone who understands the importance of our programs, and how they help to heal survivors of trauma. You will have the opportunity to learn all about what we do and have hands on learning while we facilitate programs.

Knowledgeable: we’re looking for someone who is social media savvy and able to help us grow engagement using digital platforms.

Excellent Writing Skills: possible grant writing.

Desired Outcomes of Internship:

Student will leave the internship with an understanding of the holistic needs, challenges, and rewards of running a small non-profit organization.

Student will be exposed to the deep and lasting effects violence is having on our culture and how it is keeping victims from reaching their full potential.

Student will learn how the arts, (in this case songwriting) is playing a significant role in helping trauma survivors heal, when traditional therapy may not be working.

The hope is that the student will be inspired to use their own voice to illuminate the epidemic of violence in our society and the need to put an end to it.

If interested, send an email to