“One of the most significant experiences”

“This has been one of the most significant experiences of my life. I suffer from PTSD. A Woman’s Voice helped me to address my pain and what needed healing. Through the process of writing my own song, much of my shame has been lifted like a veil, and I can now see what I have to give. I am doing things I never thought possible before doing the workshop.” 

— Jerri, a participant

“I am in awe of her work”

"I met Robin in 1990, when I recorded her beautiful song “Wishing on Telstar” for my first solo album. From the start, I was impressed by Robin’s incredible warmth and collaborative nature, and amazed by her extraordinary gifts as a singer and songwriter.  Now I am in awe of her work with Songbird Sings. Robin has devoted over ten years of her life to helping victims of trauma, abuse, mental health issues and addictions heal through music and creativity. Robin Lane is a wonderful human being and a brilliant artist. The success of her compassionate work with people in need through her Songbird Sings foundation is both astonishing and inspiring. I am lucky to count Robin as a friend."  

Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles)

“Robin is setting up boundaries for the women, she’s not a therapist nor is she trying to give them therapy but what they’re doing in the songwriting workshops is gaining self confidence and becoming empowered.   Music can allow for safe expression initially…it has a lot to do with pre language transference such as if a woman is anxious they can write a song about that and within the music the anxiety is conveyed where they can look at it from a distance and gain a different perspective of the feeling.  Also…  songwriting helps in Conflict Resolution in yourself. As you begin to resolve the issues, the ones that been kept hidden and are messing you up, you can then move into community building.” 

Dr. Concetta Tommaino, Executive Director, Institute for Music and Neurologic Function


“One of the most enriching experiences”

“I had the personal privilege of attending the first A Woman’s Voice workshop conducted by Robin Lane and I can honestly say it has been one of the most enriching experiences of my creative life. Robin has the ability to be an active and thoughtful participant in the songwriting process while providing needed support and encouragement so that women can access their own voice.”

— Maria Rodman, former Director Women's Centers of Western MA

"Women together will break the chains"

"This experience reminds me that I am not alone. Women together will break the chains. We should work together to build each other up. I am grateful to have others going through similar experiences. It felt great to release words and feelings from my current life and hear it come together the way it did. Very inspiring and motivating."

- A Veteran's Voices participant

“Helping them find their own voice”

"In clinical settings there is no built in political activist movement.  So this program of Songbird Sings, "A Woman's Voice", is not only inspiring women to political activism but is helping them come out of isolation and heal as they learn to find their own voice through songwriting and how to use it to affect social change."

Heidi, a participant

 "I feel deeply grateful"

"I feel deeply grateful for being able to express both pain and happiness in a song. Thank you so much for making this happen Robin. Let’s do it again!"

- A Veteran's Voices participant 


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