Host a House Concert

Invite your friends over for a night of live music! All funds raised from  the entry fee or from suggested donations will help fund the Songbird Sings Workshops!

Concerts are performed at no cost to the host, while funds are raised by a entry fee or suggested donation for those whose come to enjoy the songs and storytelling. We have a wonderful time together while raising money for Songbird Sings workshops.

How does it work?

  • Choose a place to host the party. An intimate setting such as your living room, church, or a cool venue like an art space. In warm weather, outside spaces can be nice too.
  • We'll create a poster for you to share the details of the event.
  • Invite your amazing friends. They love music, you love music, everyone loves a party! 
  • Collect an entry fee or have a suggested donation - all proceeds are donated to the Songbird Sings organization to support programs for the year. 

What are house concerts like? 

A performance by Robin will include Robin Lane and the Chartbusters songs, as well as music from Songbird Sings programs. Robin will also tell stories of Neil Young, Timothy Leary, the Sunset Strip in the 60’s, surviving Charles Manson, staying alive as a musician at a time when there was only one woman artist per record company, and how having a child stopped her career dead in its tracks.

Our fans are saying:

“Still in wonder over the whole weekend. Amazingly personal commitment to us in the audience and the songwriters you sponsor. Your life as an artist has become even more significant to me now as a teacher as well as a writer/ performer. I’m so fortunate to be invited into ANY of this. Hot sand, cool water.”
—Pete Sullivan

"We recently had a house concert in our back yard with Robin Lane (ex of Robin Lane & The Chartbusters) and forty of our friends. I am amazed at how great of a show she puts on. Robin read from her memoirs about her early life living in LA back in the 60’s. Her memories of hanging with Danny Whitten, Neil Young, and Steven Stills had everyone listening. She has a wealth of stories and talent and seems to really love performing  for a crowd, all of it was done for her charity.” 

Be in touch, let's plan something beautiful!