Songbird Sings and My Life My Choice are Fighting Back

My Life My Choice organization helps young women who have been exploited by the commercial sex industry. Songs were written in two songwriting workshops facilitated at MYMC. These girls are brave beautiful souls who are telling their stories and singing out loud for all to hear. The pain they’ve been through is being turned into advocacy to expose this unspeakable crime and help others girls just like them.

We are fighting back by harnessing the strength of survivors of this egregious form of child abuse to empower youth to defend themselves and stand up for a society that does not tolerate the buying and selling of children.  My Life My Choice uses the collective strength and power in the collective voices of survivors of trafficking.  These are the angels of change for their own lives with the intention of putting an end to commercial sexual exploitation of children.

The commercial sex industry is big business that preys on vulnerable youth, and Songbird Sings and My Life My Choice are fighting back.

We will not tolerate the buying and selling of children.  

Note:   The songs, My Life My Choice and Power Hope & Faith were recorded in the span of 2 hours, not very much time to get things right…this is why some girls voices are softer, some louder on “Power Hope & Faith, and the music compensating for that.