Turning Tragedies into Diamond Jewels

In the words of a woman who was in one of my woman's voice programs..."We are turning our tragedies into diamond jewels."

To be the alchemist of your own life: how do you do that when you're in the gutter? Just look up a little bit...the stars are shining...truly. I believe there is a life force in dwelling in all of us. It is larger than the "I". We can tap into that life source because honestly it is part of us. There will never be another you and if you don't find the way to express what is in your mind, in your heart, your soul, there will never be another like you that can, and what you would put into the world in some creative fashion, will be lost forever.

I know this takes a lot sometimes. Sometimes it hurts too much, but seriously what else are you going to do. It will eat you alive if you don't get it out, if you don't become the alchemist of your own life. I know this on such a profound level. I know that if I can pick myself up from being squashed in the dirt that it is possible for any of you to do it too.


There have been several times in my life when I was on the very, very bottom with no light shining. What did I do here? How did I survive this dark hole? It was a struggle believe me. I read and read and read every self-help book. Found groups where I learned skills and tools to help me when I was in the low place. I could relate to the struggles of others in these group experiences...all of us finding a way out of the darkness...illuminating the darkness.

Phew...long road. Western MA is good for this. Many groups on recovering a sense of self if you have lost or are lost. Long road to now. So many have helped along the way. You can't climb out all by yourself, you do need help and there is help somewhere nearby for you. Who am I writing to I don't know, maybe someone can hear this and feel better, at least know they are not alone.

Love you and love is here right now, it really is.