Healing from Trauma and a Call to Share

Songbird Sings programs are about helping people who have experienced trauma find the key to their own healing through songwriting.  

With this in mind and for the purpose of connection does anyone want to share their own healing story with Songbird Sings? What made you stronger and able to meet challenges and overcome abuse? What type of coping strategies have you used or what training did you go through? Did it take you time to learn how to take care of and protect yourself? Are things that happened to you in the past still challenging you today or holding you back from going forward in your life? 

Life is really hard, no doubt about it, even for those who have been blessed with love and affection in childhood and beyond. But for those who have survived trauma it can be a never-ending battle. We know there are ways to find the key to our own healing. 

If you feel comfortable with this, please share what you have learned through the process of your own healing (using the 'comment' link below). I know this is going out into the world but perhaps we can begin a dialogue on how to rise above the crap and perhaps help someone else.