Allowing Beauty, Love, and Truth into Our Lives

Remembering a songwriting program I facilitated with young girls who were transitioning out of McLean Hospital.  Some very beautiful songs were written.  McLean is a good hospital, well respected but I’m not sure if it’s not just a way to suck money from people who care so much about their children.  On the other hand what do you do for young people who are having serious trouble adapting to the world.

It’s not easy…no, not easy to be in this world.  We all have to develop a thick skin but still be open and willing to let beauty, love and truth in.  We all walk a fine line.  We learn as we grow.  For some it is harder than others and sometimes the reason for that is hard to find.  If trauma happened to you at a very early age often you can’t get back to it to process what it was and to hopefully heal from it.   I’m beginning to believe that so much is chemical.  We’re made of chemicals after all.  Some of us are probably born with more serotonin and endorphins in our body…The rest of us need to make sure we laugh enough and of course write our stories.  Songwriting has always been key for me.  Kept me sane (most of the time).