November Update and Happenings

House Concert in November. This was fun and I raised 400 for Songbird Sings Picture of me in the red living room playing a song.

Thanksgiving was a real treat at Tim Jackson's house. Tim is the director of A Woman's Voice film, the story of my life in context of being a woman, a mother, an artist, taking part in two major cultural periods of time, surviving, transformation, founding Songbird Sings to help others heal through writing their own songs. So it's not just me me me. I think it's going to be a very interesting film, hopefully it will be done in 2012. Tim and his wife Suzanne Boucher are good friends. Tim was the drummer in my band Robin lane and the Chartbusters. There were at least 40 people eating yummy food. We are blessed.

Wednesday's and Thursday's I'm still facilitating Songbird Sings "Giving Youth A Voice" program at Home For Little Wanderers. So far they've come up with 5 songs. We're going to start a new one this coming Thursday and Erica Nazarro who runs YARN program at the Home will be there to help as will Dawn Carroll who has been extremely supportive, teaching me things about Facebook that I did not know. Check out her own foundation "Over My Shoulder Foundation" which is all about mentoring young people.

The youth from Home For Little Wanderers will be performing with me at the next Red Sox, Hot Stove Cool Music event January 14 at The Paradise in Boston. Susan Tedeshi, The Remains, Kay Hanley, Peter Gammons, the great sports writer, Bill Janovitz from Buffalo Tom, Mike Gent from the Figgs, Seth Justman from J.Giles and many more come out to play to raise money... for all the organizations Red Sox support. Home For Little Wanderers being one of them. Hope to see you all there. Can't wait till you see how music really does help us use our voices in a very profound way. These kids have written some wonderful songs which speak to the very sad conditions they have come from and are still in but learning to have enough faith in their own abilities to rise above what they have gone through at the same time getting it out in song. Getting it out is the only way we can heal. This event is about music giving back.