Our Mission

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Songbird Sings is dedicated to helping people work through and recover from traumatic experiences. Music is a healing force, and our programs help to transform those who've been silenced by domestic violence, sexual exploitation, childhood abuse, and the horrors of war. Through songwriting and creative collaboration, participants find the key to their own healing, developing inner strength and resilience as they come to trust themselves and others, while building support systems among those with a shared history of trauma.

Our Vision

To create a nation-wide network of accredited trauma informed instructors to offer Songbird Sings songwriting and recording workshops for those in need. To help as many traumatized people as possible to tap into their inner resources, find their voices, and write the songs that will lead to their healing. Whether on the streets, in homeless shelters, in prison, at community centers, Veteran's centers, school, or suffering silently at home, Songbird Sings will be there, listening to their stories and helping them sing their songs.

"Songwriting takes participants out of the broken places, the darkness, the places where they have given up." 

                                                                                             - Robin Lane